Bobbi McDougle

I am available to:
provide care on weekday nights, provide care on weekend nights.
I am comfortable with:
caring for multiple children (special needs and siblings).
I am comfortable with the following medical circumstances:
administering medication (oral), epilepsy, EpiPen, feeding tubes, limited mobility, tracheostomy.

Hello. My name is Bobbi McDougle and I have a sister with special needs. I am 51 and she is 47, so we have been helping each other learn for many years. I also work in the field of special education. Currently, I am in a District Special Education Coordinator in the Raytown School District. I have been in my current position for 4 years, and worked in this district for 12+ years. Previously, I was the Director of an early childhood center for students who are medically fragile. Our motto there was if a parent can do it, we can learn to do it in their absences. With training from RN's and the parents, I learned to provide and monitor tube feeding, both bolus and via pump. I was also trained on what to do if a mickey buttom came out. We did have one student with a trach, so I also learned how to suction and care for the trach. Early on in my career I also became interested in ASL, American Sign Language. I am conversationally fluent - as long as it it a short conversation. I heard about this opportunity by reading Pastor Adam's weekly E-note. I am also an active volunteer with Angel Care at the downtown location. Mostly - I am so excited that COR is connecting people to the people they need for support.

Note: I am located and only available to provide care in North Kansas City